Founder Cassie Brungarth grew up working on her father’s farm and participating in 4H. These activities taught her the value of hard work and gave her a passion for animals and service. As a young adult, she used her skills and passion to begin caring for children and the elderly.

In addition to attending classes at Otterbein University, Cassie was also very active on her tennis team. She needed work that would allow her to balance her busy schedule. As a result, she took on-demand jobs as a summer nanny, last minute sitter, pet and house sitter, travel sitter, waitress, tennis instructor at New Albany Tennis Center, volunteer at Serenity House caring for elderly patients, and a summer horse camp instructor on her farm.

But it wasn’t until Cassie met Leo that she realized families needed trustworthy, in-home caregivers.

Leo was a little boy who’d traveled from Italy to America for medical care. As Cassie helped care for the family during Leo’s frequent visits to hospital, she quickly became a trusted and loved part of the group.

In those moments, I really grew as a person because I had to be strong for the family and for Leo.

After Leo was released from the hospital, Cassie spent countless hours with him. They rode horses and cared for animals on Cassie’s family farm.

There was nothing more rewarding then seeing the smile and excitement on his face. Maybe I was helping this family, but little did they know they were touching my life.

During this time, Cassie discovered her true passion was helping families find reliable, trustworthy, and flexible in-home care.

Cassie knew she had the opportunity to help more families and touch many more lives, so she turned her passion into a business. Cassie’s Cardinals was born in September 2012. 


To Leonardo: Forever in my heart. 2/3/2005-2/17/2015 

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.” – Helen Keller